Can I still pursue a claim if I signed a consent form?

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    Can I still pursue a claim if I signed a consent form?

    Signing a consent form does not automatically prevent you from pursuing a dental negligence claim. While a consent form indicates that you agreed to undergo a specific dental procedure or treatment, it does not absolve the dentist of their legal obligations to provide a reasonable standard of care.

    However, in order to pursue your dental negligence claim, you will need to demonstrate the dentist breached their duty of care, meaning they failed to meet the expected standard of treatment, and this breach resulted in harm or injury to you. Simply signing a consent form does not excuse negligence or misconduct on the part of the dentist.

    The validity of a consent form will be considered as part of the overall evaluation of your case. It will be assessed whether the consent form adequately informed you of the risks associated with the treatment, whether you were given alternative treatment options, and whether you provided informed consent based on accurate and comprehensive information.