Does no win, no fee work differently in Scotland?

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    Does no win, no fee work differently in Scotland?

    The terms of no win no fee personal injury claims vary from region to region. In the UK, especially, many solicitors offer different no win no fee claim options dependent upon your location. For example, in England and Wales, solicitors typically offer no win no fee claims with 100% compensation clauses. In Scotland, however, the rules for these claim types are slightly different.

    In Scotland, conditional fee agreements are far more common than they are in other areas of the UK. Conditional fee agreements entitle the solicitor to up to 30% of your compensation if you win your case. It is important to note that you are still unlikely to have to personally pay your solicitor fees. Solicitor fees are covered by the solicitor if you lose and covered by the opposing side if you win.

    There is no real reason why Scotland’s no win no fee claims typically do not come with 100% compensation clauses. Unfortunately, that is just how the legal system in the area works. Although you are less likely to meet a solicitor offering 100% compensation in Scotland, it is not impossible. Some solicitors are still willing to offer 100% compensation, but they are few and far between. Fortunately, even without this clause, you will still receive some form of compensation for your personal injury if you win your case. Discover what happens if you lose your no win no fee claim.

    Do no win no fee claims work differently in Scotland? The simple answer is: yes, a little. While you still will not have to pay solicitor fees if you lose, you are not likely to receive 100% compensation if you win. The difference is not worth moving over!

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