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    Injury Solicitors in Scotland, England and Wales

    Though largely similar, there are many differences in law and legal procedures across the UK and Ireland so as a general rule obtaining the services of a solicitor who lives and works in the country you are looking to make a claim in should make a significant difference, not only to the quality of service you receive, but in the speed at which that claim runs:

    Please note that law firms in England and Wales are both adept at representing residents of either country as the similarities in law are far greater than those between English/Welsh and Scottish laws. With the hundreds of personal injury firms out there it’s hard to know who is a solicitor and who is just looking to sell you legal insurance. Things are much clearer on our site and the number of firms we list is restricted, we would rather provide a better service than squeeze a few extra pennies and we expect our listed law firms to have the same mind set.

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