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    Every year, many thousands of cyclists are injured or killed on British roads and bicycle accidents can be particularly nasty because cyclists are so vulnerable. Not only are they relatively unprotected, having just a helmet to protect them, but they are also often unseen by other road users and are only noticed when it is too late.

    Statistics show that around a third of bicycle accident injuries are sustained by child cyclists and around a quarter of fatalities are children, and the majority of these types of accidents happen during the daytime and particularly when children are cycling to or from school. It is easy to see why the school run is such a dangerous time for child cyclists, with the roads being busier.

    Common causes of Bicycle Injuries & Accidents

    The most common causes of bicycle accidents, according to RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), are:-

    • Roundabouts and T-junctions
    • A child cyclist trying to do stunts or tricks
    • A child cycling too fast
    • A cyclist making a right turn onto a road
    • Both a cyclist and motorist carrying straight on at a junction
    • A motorist crossing the path of a cyclist
    • A motorist moving into a cyclist’s path
    • A cyclist overtaking another road user
    • A cyclist riding into the path of another road user
    • A cyclist riding onto a road from the pavement

    But cycling accidents can also be caused by poorly maintained roads, a badly designed road layout or dangerous junction, or an unclear or misleading road sign.

    Obviously, there are things that a cyclist can do to cut the risk of suffering a bicycle accident, such as making themselves and their bike more visible, making good use of arm signals, making sure they use their bicycle lights in poor visibility, wearing a suitable bicycle helmet and undertaking training like the Cycling Proficiency Test and learning the Highway Code. However, sometimes accidents happen that are caused by the carelessness or negligence of other road users and the cyclist can do nothing about it.

    How to get compensation with a Bicycle Accident Claim

    A bicycle accident can leave a cyclist with head injuries, injuries to their arms and legs, abdominal injuries or chest injuries, and even cause the cyclist to be killed. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by another road user or by a dangerous road, you should be able to claim personal injury compensation.

    As soon as possible after the accident, you should seek legal advice from a no win no fee injury lawyer who specialises in road traffic accident claims. This means that your solicitor will be able to gather witness statements and evidence before they are lost and before the accident is forgotten. Photos of poorly maintained roads, potholes, dangerous signs or junction can also be taken before the council or local authority change things. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to pursue the bicycle accident claim on your behalf and hopefully get you the compensation award that you need to rebuild your life, pay for things like private medical treatment or care, compensate you for expenses and any loss of earnings, and compensate you for any life changes like a change of career or a disability. In the case of a fatality, a personal injury solicitor should be able to claim compensation for the family and dependants if the accident was someone else’s fault.

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