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    Slips, Trips & Falls Compensation

    Injuring yourself after slipping, tripping or falling is one of the accidents most likely to happen to the average person. The fact that such incidents are relatively common, however, doesn’t mean that they can’t also be extremely serious.

    Falling and landing awkwardly can result in problems such as broken bones, severe bruising and permanent injury. Indeed, slipping and banging your head could be every bit as dangerous and traumatic as being involved in a road traffic accident.

    If the fall was caused by the negligence of another – be it a company, individual or town council – then you have every right to pursue compensation for your injuries.

    I’ve been injured after tripping in a public place. Can I claim?

    If you trip in a public place as a result of your own clumsiness then there’s very little you can do other than dust yourself down and resolve not to do it again. If the fall was caused by someone else’s failure to ensure a safe environment, however, then they should be made to pay for their negligence.

    The public place in question could be anywhere from a train station or supermarket to a shopping centre or airport. It may be that you slipped on a wet floor which hadn’t been sufficiently signed, some litter which ought to have been cleaned away or a patch of oil from a leaking machine. No matter what the specific circumstances, if the people responsible for the space have not taken reasonable steps to make it safe then they are to blame for your fall and thus any injuries sustained.

    Can I claim for a fall at work?

    Many people hesitate when it comes to making a claim against their employer and, in some ways, this can seem understandable. The days of having to put up with unsafe working conditions, however, are long gone. The very least any employee can expect is a safe working environment and, if this hasn’t been provided, then it’s only fair that you should seek compensation.

    It is against the law for your employer to penalise you in any way for such a claim, and any compensation awarded will be covered by insurance and not be taken from your boss’s pocket. If you fall and hurt yourself at work and it wasn’t your fault, seeking redress in the form of compensation is only just and proper.

    Who is responsible if I’ve slipped on any icy pavement?

    It is the legal duty of your local authority to keep the roads and pavements safe at all times. In winter, this can often involve ensuring that they are free from ice and snow. If they have had sufficient time to clear such ice but have failed to do so, they are failing in this duty. If you then slip on the ice, thus injuring yourself, you have every right to ask a personal injury lawyer to put together a case for compensation.

    Will I be able to make a no win, no fee claim?

    Virtually all of the cases injury solicitors pursue are taken on a no win no fee basis. Put simply, this means that you usually don’t have to pay anything up front to engage their services. If you should be unlucky enough to lose your case then any fees owed will still be covered by insurance, meaning that there is little risk of you being out of pocket. The main advantage of such a system is that it means cases can be pursued purely on the basis of fairness without having to weigh up any financial risk.

    If you feel you’ve been injured in a slip or fall which wasn’t your fault then simply fill out the short form at the top of this page or call free on 0800 234 6438 and, if you have a good claim, a personal injury expert will pursue it using every ounce of their know-how and experience.

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