Bus Crash Compensation

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    Bus Crash Compensation

    bus accident or coach accident can be a devastating occurrence because it can affect so many people, far more than a typical car accident.

    Although bus accidents are quite rare, buses are a very common mode of transport particularly in these days of congestion charges, heavy traffic and people wanting to be “greener” and use public transport. In just London alone, around million people a day use buses on the city’s 700+ different bus routes. That’s a huge number of people!

    Due to the fact that buses can carry a large number of passengers, seated and standing, there can be numerous passenger injuries in an accident. Although, the government has taken steps to ensure bus safety – a law requires that all buses, coaches and minibuses made on or after 1st October 2001 must have manufacturer fitted seatbelts – the safety measures only apply to transport that is used for long distance travel and does not apply to typical buses used for public transport in town and cities, which often carry standing passengers. This means that passengers of buses, including school children, are at a real risk of serious personal injury if there is a collision or the bus has to do an emergency stop.

    Injuries sustained in bus accidents are often caused by passengers being thrown around in the bus, because they were not properly restrained, and can range from cuts and bruises, whiplash and fractures, to serious head injuries and injuries that result in brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs and even death.

     Can I make a claim if I was injured in a bus accident?

    If you or a loved one has been injured as a passenger in a bus accident then you should be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation on a no win no fee basis.

    You will be able to claim personal injury compensation for your injuries, for any expenses incurred and for lost earnings, against either the bus company that you were travelling with or the person that caused the accident. It may even be that the accident was caused by a poor or dangerous road and in that case you should be able to claim against the council or authority who are responsible for maintaining the road.

    The law in the UK protects public transport passengers and allows them to pursue such claims against the bus or coach company if there has been a breach of statutory duty against the Public Service Vehicles (conduct of drivers, inspectors, conductors and passengers) Regulations of 1990 or if the driver is negligent in some way.

    It is vital that you seek the advice of a specialist injury solicitor as soon after the accident as possible so that you can get your claim under way and they can start gathering evidence to support your claim. Evidence may include:-

    • Witness statements
    • Police reports of the accident
    • Medical records to show the extent of your injuries and the treatment required
    • Receipts of any expenses incurred as a result of the accident
    • Pay slips to prove the amount of lost earnings and potential future earnings if your injuries have led to you losing your job.

    Your solicitor will also be able to advise you on the likelihood of success for your case and what award you are likely to receive. Don’t feel guilty about claiming personal injury compensation because the bus company or other driver will be fully insured for this and the compensation will allow you to rebuild your life.

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