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    Personal Injury

    Here at No Win No Fee we don’t accept that an accident is something from which you should just walk away, grateful to still be alive. If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence, you’re paying a price for another’s failings, which is frankly unfair. The only way to combat this unfairness is to make the responsible party pay, thus restoring the balance of justice.

    Can anyone make a personal injury claim?

    Over the years, the act of seeking compensation has gained something of a bad reputation, due mainly to disreputable companies who either pursue unjustified claims or promise unachievable and unjustified results. That, however, is not the way we work. We don’t think of compensation as being a quick and easy way of cashing in. The only claims which our partners handle are those wherein an innocent party has genuinely suffered due to someone else’s negligence. In cases such as this, we feel that, having already suffered physical pain, trauma, psychological distress and huge inconvenience, seeking a fair and proportionate payment is the very least you can do.

    In simple terms, a ‘personal injury‘, for which you will be entitled to pursue a claim, is one which takes place when you fall victim to physical or psychological trauma following an act of negligence or an accident for which you were in no way to blame. If it’s a simple accident then fair enough, these things happen. However, if a third party is at fault you shouldn’t be left to suffer and attempt to cope on your own. You may be in a position to pursue No Win No Fee compensation if you are suffering from the effects of an injury, condition or disease which was someone else’s fault.

    The potential range of accidents that might lead to a claim is huge, but among the most common are the following:

    Just as the specific circumstances of an accident can vary vastly, so can the actual effects of the personal injury sustained. For some, it may merely be a short term inconvenience while other people, following a more serious accident, may suffer effects which carry on impinging for the rest of their lives.

    A long term injury such as this may have a major negative effect on factors such as your earning potential, in some cases even leading to a situation wherein you are physically or psychologically unable to carry on working. On top of this, future expenses may include contributions towards medical treatment or medication. Even relatively ‘small’ injuries, however, can result in a period away from work and we feel that, in circumstances such as these, when the quality of your life has been severely and detrimentally affected, then any compensation you are able to claim will be the first step towards getting your life back on track again.

    How can I make a personal injury claim?

    Making a personal injury claim can be quick and painless. It can easily be broken down into four parts. That’s all it takes! Four steps and you’re on your way to the compensation you deserve for your personal injury.

    1. Fault

    A personal injury hinges on the fact that the pain and suffering is the result of someone else’s negligence or intentional harm. This is important to remember! The first step in making a personal injury claim is identifying the person or organization responsible for your personal injury.

    While you may not end up seeking compensation from the person responsible for your injury, it is important that you establish their involvement. If you caused the injury yourself or if it was the fault of your own actions, you cannot make a claim.

    2. Medical Documentation

    As soon as you suffer a personal injury, it is vital that you seek medical attention. Remember, you do not receive personal injury compensation just because something bad happened to you. Instead, you receive compensation for medical injuries, whether physical or mental.

    Before you go any further, see a doctor and request medical documentation that proves your injury was serious enough to receive attention from a professional. Have the doctor explain your injury in written detail. This will help prove that you do indeed require compensation.

    3. Solid Evidence

    You must have evidence that the injury occurred and that it was the fault of another person. As soon as you fall victim to a personal injury, seek legal advice. A professional will be able to help you collect evidence before it’s too late.

    Many injuries, such as those resulting from car accidents and medical negligence are well documented. In those cases, you will not have trouble obtaining solid evidence.

    4. Excellent Solicitors

    Finally, you should be keeping your eyes open for an excellent injury solicitor. Look for a solicitor or firm that specializes in the type of claim you are looking to make. They will bring years of experience to the table, which means they are more likely to lead you to success.

    Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

    Personal injuries can be overwhelming, especially for first-time victims. A physical injury at work, medical negligence, or even a slip and fall accident can be life changing. Whether your personal injury is physical, mental or emotional, you deserve compensation.

    Unfortunately, navigating the world of personal injury claims alone is often daunting and stressful. Seeking compensation for lost wages, resulting medical bills and personal suffering is tricky without professional guidance. That is where personal injury lawyers come into the picture.

    Personal injury lawyers are legal professionals with years of experience in situations just like yours. The reality of the matter is that thousands of people have fallen victim to personal injuries in the UK. Who has helped those people get the compensation they deserve? Personal injury lawyers, of course.

    They work closely with clients to identify fault, produce evidence and negotiate compensation. Personal injury lawyers specialize to ensure their clients understand their rights and how much compensation they deserve. Most of all, they provide the legal and emotional support required in a time of need.

    Do you need a personal injury lawyer to make a compensation claim? Absolutely not. You are free to pursue compensation alone and without legal assistance. If you choose this route, be sure to look into the specific laws that revolve around personal injury cases like yours. Also, you want to ensure you have evidence of the personal injury and evidence that the injury was not your own fault.

    Should you have a personal injury lawyer? Most likely. They are often recommended, especially for first-time victims. Managing a compensation claim yourself and navigating the confusing laws that go with that can be tough when you’re going through a difficult time.

    There are three great reasons you would want to work with a personal injury lawyer:

    a. They have experience.
    Personal injury lawyers have years of experience working with people just like you. They know exactly how to turn your claim into compensation!

    b. They have knowledge.
    They know all about UK personal injury law. There’s no reason for you to study legal procedures or laws that affect your claim.

    c. They really care.
    Personal injury lawyers choose to specialize in this field. They have a genuine interest in helping injury victims who cannot help themselves.

    How much personal injury compensation can I claim?

    This is one of the most common questions personal injury lawyers receive. Their clients want to know if the compensation will truly cover their medical expenses and loss of income. While there is no definite answer, the question is an extremely important one.

    Knowing how much personal injury compensation you can claim is often how you determine whether the entire process is worth the hassle. The truth is that these claims can actually be risk-free and painless. With options such as no win no fee claims, personal injury law is a very reasonable and affordable option for UK victims.

    The truth is that the answer to this question hinges on two important factors.

    1. Extent of the injury

    The extent of your pain and suffering plays an important role in determining how much compensation you can claim. Ask yourself some of the questions a judge would ask. Was the injury life-threatening? Will the injury heal over time? How common is the injury? How much pain and suffering resulted from the injury?

    The answers to these questions are not always simple and straightforward. That is why the extent of your personal injury can greatly influence the amount of compensation you receive. Someone who endured a life-threatening brain injury is likely to receive more compensation than someone who endured whiplash.

    2. Length of time

    The length of time of your injury and suffering plays another important role in determining how much compensation you can claim. Of course, someone who is unable to work for six months is likely to receive more compensation than someone who is unable to work for three weeks.

    With both extent and length variables in mind, here are some general guidelines. You can expect to receive these approximate amounts for the corresponding injuries.

    Hand Injury: £500 – £117,000
    Whiplash Injury: £750 – £2,550
    Nose Fracture: £1,000 – £1,400
    Body Scarring: £1,300 – £8,200
    Sight Injury: £1,300 – £235,000
    Brain or Head Injury: £1,300 – £165,500
    Hernia Injury: £2,000 – £14,000
    Hair Damage: £2,300 – £6,350
    Severed Finger: £2,300 – £3,450
    Spleen Injury: £2,550 – £15,250
    Ankle Injury: £3,300 – £40,750
    Forearm Fracture: £3,800 – £11,200
    Asbestos Injury: £4,000 – £74,000
    Loss of Hearing: £4,300 – £81,500
    Back Injury: £4,575 – £58,500
    Front Teeth Injury: £5,100 – £6,600
    Leg Injury: £5,350 – £79,000
    Elbow Injury: £7,375 – £32,000
    Knee Injury: £8,150 – £56,000
    Severe Toe Injury: £8,150 – £11,200

    Can I claim for free?

    Most expert injury lawyers work on a no win no fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront to make a claim for compensation. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay anything to your lawyer.

    Will I have to go to court?

    Your injury solicitor should be a seasoned professional, determined to do their very best on your behalf. While the vast majority of compensation claims never actually make it as far as court (as most people realise it’s quicker and cheaper to settle the claim beforehand), if you do have to go you’ll have your solicitor at your side every step of the way, making sure that the process is as stress-free as possible and that you get every single penny of the compensation you are entitled to.

    I’m not sure if I’m entitled to claim, how do I find out?

    Anyone who has been the victim of an accident that comes under the heading of the previously detailed criteria may well be in a position to make a claim. If you feel this may apply to you then get in touch free on 0800 234 6438 with as many details of your accident as you can recall. A trained legal adviser will listen to your circumstances and give an honest appraisal as to whether they feel there is a case to be argued. If there is, an expert lawyer will build the strongest possible case on your behalf and in the vast majority of cases you won’t have to pay a single penny up front. In the event that you should lose your claim, you won’t end up owing anything.

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