Car Accident Claims

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    Car Accident Claims

    road traffic accident can have a major and dramatic effect upon your life, a fact which is even harder to cope with if the accident in question wasn’t even your fault. Injuries can range from the trivial – cuts and bruises, mild whiplash – to fractured limbs and, at the very worst end of the spectrum, paralysis and perhaps even death. All injuries, even those which seem at first to be slight, can lead to long term medical care resulting in:

    • Loss of earnings
    • Medical bills
    • Miscellaneous expenses

    All of these are terrible things to face up to, but if the accident in question wasn’t your fault, then you may be able to make a personal injury accident claim which will both cover any expenses and help you to start getting over your injuries and moving on with your life. Of course, you’ve suffered, and no amount of money can ever truly make up for physical pain, psychological displacement and disruption that a car accident can cause, but the compensation you deserve will help to make up for lost earnings and provide any care you may need.

    The phrase ‘Road Traffic Accident’ covers many different types of incident. Amongst those who can claim are the following:

    • A pedestrian who has been hit by a car.
    • A motorcyclist who has been involved in a collision with another vehicle.
    • A passenger in a car involved in an accident.
    • A driver of a vehicle hit by another vehicle.
    • A motorist who has suffered an accident due to a poor road surface, obstacle or dangerous road.
    • A cyclist hit by another vehicle.

    Starting a claim after a Car Accident

    When claiming compensation for a car accident which wasn’t your fault, there’s no need for you to worry about the other party involved being out of pocket. Any compensation you receive will be paid by their insurance company – that’s why car insurance is a legal requirement; to cover eventualities such as this, not merely the cost of replacing or repairing the vehicle.

    What if the driver isn’t insured?

    Even if the driver who caused the accident isn’t insured, or perhaps can’t actually be traced, you will still be in a position to make a claim for car accident compensation. An organisation, the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), has been set up specifically to pay out the compensation on claims such as these.

    Making a Car Accident Claim

    A successful claim for injury compensation following a car accident requires proof that you were injured in the accident and that another person was to blame. A specialist injury lawyer will help you to build a strong case but, by their very nature, the circumstances of car accidents are often hotly contested, so it will help your case if you do the following:

    • Record the contact details and insurance details of all the people involved in the accident.
    • Record the registration plates of all vehicles involved, just in case someone gives false details.
    • Record the contact details of any people who witnessed the accident.
    • Report the accident to the police – This is a legal requirement if someone has been injured but it also means that there will be a report, and therefore evidence, of the accident and what happened.
    • Take photographs of the accident and the scene of the accident.
    • Get medical attention – If you have been injured it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately, not only to help you but also to provide evidence of your injuries. Your medical records and hospital records of the extent of your injury and what treatment was needed can be used as evidence in court.
    • Receipts – Keep receipts of any expenses incurred as a result of the accident, such as prescriptions, travel expenses, private medical treatment etc. Pay slips will also be useful if you are claiming for lost earnings.
    • Find a personal injury solicitor – Look for specialist personal injury solicitors or lawyers who have expertise in claiming compensation for car accidents. Do this as soon after the accident as possible so that witnesses can remember all the details and so you can get your claim started. Remember that claims need to be made within 3 years of the accident.
    • A cyclist hit by another vehicle.

    You should look for specialist personal injury solicitors or lawyers who have expertise in car accident claims as soon after the accident as possible. Not only does this mean that the details will still be fresh in the minds of any witnesses, but it also meets a legal requirement which states that claims need to be made within 3 years of the accident in question.

    Call free on 0800 234 6438 to speak to a trained legal adviser, or fill in the no obligation form asking them to contact you, and they’ll immediately set to work on starting your claim.

    Many personal injury lawyers work on a No Win No Fee, or ‘conditional agreement’ basis. In layman’s terms, this means that you don’t pay any fees upfront, and should you lose your case, you usually won’t pay a penny in costs.

    No amount of cash can truly make up for the trauma of a car accident, but it can help ease the way back to a full and comfortable life.