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    E-Scooter Claims

    E-scooters are fast becoming a popular mode of transport as they allow people to get around quickly and more conveniently. However, while they’re fun and easy to use, misuse of these micromobility vehicles can end in an accident. If you’ve sustained injuries while riding an e scooter, through no fault of your own, or you’ve been injured by someone else on an e scooter, you could be eligible to claim compensation.

    Are you eligible to claim compensation?

    If you’re the victim of an e scooter accident and can prove that someone else was negligent, you could be eligible to claim compensation. Any road user – riders, pedestrians, cyclists, even motorists could suffer serious injury in an e-scooter accident.

    The first step in any compensation claim is to seek free legal advice and discuss your eligibility. By calling 0800 234 6438 today or filling in the online form, you can find out about how to make an e-scooter accident claim.

    What are e-scooter accidents?

    Electric scooters are a relatively safe new mode of transportation. While it’s still illegal to ride privately owned e scooters on public roads in the UK, rental schemes run in several UK towns and cities, similar to the traditional bike rental schemes where an e scooter rider can pay to use a rented electric scooter through an app.

    Accidents involving e scooters can be fatal or life-changing, whether it’s through rider carelessness, unavoidable hazards or collisions with other vehicles. According to Gov.UK, in 2022 alone, there were 1,369 collisions that involved electric scooters, while 11 scooter riders died in 2021.

    That’s why claiming compensation is paramount.

    Why claim compensation after an injury?

    An e-scooter accident can change your life, leading to long-term medical treatment, lost earnings and – in severe cases – death. If you’re worried about making a compensation claim, don’t be. It can not only get you the compensation you deserve, but it will also hold negligent people responsible for their inactions.

    Every road user has a legal responsibility to protect others and ensure their actions don’t cause injuries, meaning you have the right to claim compensation if you are injured. By filling in the online form or calling 0800 234 6438, you can get the ball rolling on claiming the compensation you deserve.

    What causes e-scooter accidents?

    There are numerous causes of electric scooter accidents, including rider error, collisions with other vehicles and malfunctions. As people in the UK can only use rental scooters on public roads, riders don’t always take the necessary precautions or ride responsibly.

    Careless riding can cause accidents, especially when scooter users do any of the following:

    • Turning Sharply: It’s so easy to cruise along and get lost in the moment, not watching out for motorists or pedestrians, which can lead to collisions.

    • Speeding: Every road user should know that speeding is a big no, even going fast on an e-scooter will put others at risk of injuries.

    • Changing Lanes: Some scooter riders try to weave between traffic by sharing the same lane with other motor vehicles, which can cause serious injuries.

    However, poorly maintained roads, careless behaviour from other drivers and malfunctioning scooters can also cause accidents.

    Common injuries from an electric scooter accident

    Typical injuries that might occur from an e scooter accident depends on whether you were riding the e scooter or colliding with one. Let’s look at the types of injuries and how they might impact your life.

    Riding an e-scooter

    E-scooter riders are most at risk of injuries, as they often have little protection. If you’re riding on the road and the scooter malfunctions, it could throw you off or fail to brake correctly, causing fractures, neck and back injuries, lacerations and even traumatic brain injuries.

    Collisions with cars and other vehicles in road traffic accidents can be fatal, especially when travelling at high speeds.

    Pedestrian injuries

    E scooter riders aren’t allowed to use the pavement, but that doesn’t mean riders always stick to the rules. According to the Daily Mail, over 200 pedestrians were injured by e-scooters, with 63 of those incidents classed as serious.

    Some accidents occur when crossing the road, while others can happen when e scooter riders turn corners sharply. These injuries range from minor cuts and lacerations to the individual requiring hospitalisation.

    Road-user injuries

    All road users must adhere to the rules, whether driving a car, cruising on an e scooter or riding a bike. If you’re involved in an accident, and the e scooter rider was negligent, you have every right to make a compensation claim.

    The steps to claiming the compensation you deserve

    The first step to claiming compensation should be to contact a legal advice service for free, to discuss the accident with them and find out whether you have a case to make.

    Call 0800 234 6438 for free today and speak with a trained legal advisor who will listen to what happened to you and if they believe you have a claim to pursue, they’ll partner you with a no win no fee personal injury solicitors to get the ball rolling.

    Meet with your no win no fee solicitor

    No win no fee solicitors only agree to take a case if they believe they’ll win. These law firms don’t charge upfront fees, so you’ll pay nothing until you win and receive your settlement. Not only does this give you financial security that pursuing a claim won’t cost you a penny, but it also means there’s a good chance you’ll receive compensation.

    Gathering evidence

    Evidence is essential for any personal injury claim as it proves the other party’s negligence and boosts the chances of you getting a settlement. While your solicitor can request CCTV and any other available evidence, it’s still best to collect whatever evidence you can at the accident scene.

    Taking photographs of the scene and asking witnesses for their contact details can speed up the claim.

    It’s also essential to go to your GP or visit Accident & Emergency as they’ll be able to document your injuries, which could be vital when your lawyer is trying to settle your case.

    Negotiating a settlement

    Your lawyer will determine how much your no win no fee claim should be and approach the negligent party’s insurance company or solicitor to begin negotiations. There’s no way to say how long the process will take as all claims are different.

    In some cases, you might need to attend court if you reach a loggerhead, but your solicitor will discuss this with you.

    Receiving your settlement

    Once both parties agree an amount, you’ll receive the money and can move on with your life. Your solicitor will take their legal costs out of the compensation amount, and you can use the rest of the money for whatever you need.

    How much compensation could I receive from an e-scooter accident claim?

    Your compensation will depend on numerous factors, including the extent of your injuries and how they impact your life. Accidents involving e-scooters can be minor, where you need treatment but make a full recovery, or major, life-changing injuries.

    When working out your claim, the solicitor will look at numerous factors, including:

    • Physical and psychological injuries

    • Loss of earnings

    • Any medical care, including physiotherapy and ongoing treatment costs

    • Personal property damage

    • Travel costs

    The above are integral factors in personal injury claims, so there’s no set amount. Once your solicitor knows more about the accident, they can discuss how much compensation they think you’ll receive.

    Would you like to discuss your injuries?

    Whether it was a rental scooter or someone illegally using a private e-scooter, if you’ve been injured by an e scooter and it wasn’t your fault, you can claim compensation for someone else’s negligence. Please feel free to call 0800 234 6438 today or use the online form to get free support from a legal advisor.

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