Famous Fists: The 10 Most Famous Celebrity Assaults

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    Famous Fists: The 10 Most Famous Celebrity Assaults

    In any walk of life, an assault is a serious matter which should be dealt with by the appropriate authorities. We regularly read stories in the media in which people have let their tempers get the better of them, and as a result have hit out at another individual. In many cases, the injuries that are sustained are relatively minor, although of course there are plenty of occasions in which the repercussions have been more serious.

    Needless to say, assaults aren’t merely the preserve of the everyday man or woman in the street. There have been many violent attacks perpetrated by the famous, and when they occur you can be sure the news media won’t be far away. When celebrities attack, it almost always results in a series of lurid headlines, and here are ten of the most famous instances. The victims should be aware that a call to an injury solicitor would have been all that was needed to find out how to claim for assault.

    Justin Bieber

    The Canadian superstar is a pin-up boy for millions of youngsters around the world, but he recently saw red when a neighbour asked him to stop racing his sports cars around the local streets. Jeff Schwartz, a sales tycoon and fellow resident of the exclusive gated community of Calabasas, Los Angeles, claims he was spat at, verbally abused and threatened.

    Chris Brown

    Domestic violence is a serious matter that affects millions of people all over the world. In 2009, Barbadian superstar Rihanna was the subject of an attack by boyfriend and fellow musician Chris Brown. Lurid images of her injuries were relayed all over the globe, and a subsequent court case brought a prosecution for Brown for felony assault.

    Russell Crowe

    The New Zealand-born actor has built up a reputation for wild living at times, but in 2005 Crowe let his anger spill over in a New York hotel. Frustrated at not being able to make a call to Australia, he threw a telephone at concierge Josh Estrada. A court case ensued, and only a plea bargain prevented the star of The Cinderella Man from going to jail.

    Eric Cantona

    Spectators at a football match fully expect the players to kick the ball and on occasion perhaps to kick each other, but in 1995 Manchester United’s Eric Cantona decided to launch a spectacular kung fu kick at a fan. He was sentenced to community service and subsequently banned from playing for nine months. A solicitor would have been able to assist the spectator in seeking compensation for being assaulted.

    Naomi Campbell

    The British supermodel is as well known for her diva-type behaviour as she is for her stunning beauty, and in 2006 she threw a mobile phone across a room in anger. A member of her staff, Ana Scolavino, was on the receiving end, and needed stitches in her head as a result. Campbell claimed the whole incident was nothing more than an unfortunate accident, but the courts decided otherwise: she was found guilty of reckless assault.

    Amy Winehouse

    In one of the more surreal moments from her incident-packed short life, singer Amy Winehouse was found guilty in early 2010 of assaulting a theatre manager during a pantomime starring Bobby Davro and Mickey Rooney. The superstar admitted over-reacting after being asked to move seats because she was talking during the performance.

    Kid Rock

    Real name Robert Ritchie, Kid Rock has been no stranger to the law courts during his action-packed career. In 2010, he was forced to pay a cash settlement to three men after assaulting them in Los Angeles. They claimed to be fans who had simply asked for autographs, although it transpired that at least two of them were photographers.


    The N-Dubz star was found guilty of affray and assault in 2013 after an incident at a petrol station in Surrey. In the early hours of the morning, Dappy – real name Costadinos Contostavlos – got into an argument with two females, and allegedly spat at them. Although he could have faced jail, he was eventually given a suspended sentence.

    Cheryl Tweedy

    In 2003, Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy was found guilty of an assault in the toilet of a Guildford night-club. The star, now more widely known as Cheryl Cole, allegedly punched attendant Sophie Amogbokpa, and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service. She was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to her victim and £3,000 costs. Anyone who is the victim of an assault should contact a solicitor to see if compensation for being assaulted can be sought.

    Elvis Presley

    If you thought assault cases involving celebrities was a modern phenomenon, then you need to think again. In 1956, Elvis Presley, later known to one and all as the King of Rock and Roll, was accused of assault after getting into a fight at a Memphis gas station. Although charges against him were dismissed, the court case involved a media circus that the sleepy Tennessee city had never encountered before.

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