A relative has died in a motorbike accident, can I claim compensation?

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    A relative has died in a motorbike accident, can I claim compensation?

    Normally when you think about compensation claims for road accidents, you assume the victim of the accident will be the one making a claim. However, there are cases where the relatives of those affected can make a claim.

    Motorbike accidents

    This is particularly common where motorbike accidents are concerned. Motorcyclists are far more likely to sustain serious and sometimes fatal injuries as a result of an accident than car drivers are. This is because you have far less protection on a motorbike than you would if you were in a car.

    Compensation for relatives

    Relatives of a deceased motorcyclist are permitted to make a claim for compensation against the person who caused the accident. The relatives immediately affected by the outcome of the accident are also victims, since they will have suffered the loss of a loved one. They may also suffer financially, particularly if the person who died was the main breadwinner for the family. If you find you are in this unfortunate and emotional situation, it is vital that you seek proper advice from an experienced accident solicitor as soon as possible.

    Starting a claim as a bereaved relative

    These trained professionals will consider your case, take your details and be able to provide advice about what you need to do to bring a claim. They will also be able to talk you through the potential for compensation. In this situation, the lifetime earnings of the deceased motorcyclist will be taken into account when calculating the total amount of compensation you can claim for. They will also let you know who besides you can claim for compensation in this situation. For instance, if you are the wife of a motorcyclist who has left you a widow and your two children without a father, all three can make claims for compensation.

    There is a lot to take in at this point, so seek professional advice as soon as possible in this situation. This is the one sure way of knowing you are taking the right route in claiming the compensation you are entitled to as someone who has lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident.

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