Can I claim compensation if I’m injured playing sport?

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    Can I claim compensation if I’m injured playing sport?

    Every week in the UK many people get an enormous amount of pleasure from playing various sports, whilst simultaneously taking exercise which is extremely good for their health. Occasionally, however, things can go wrong, resulting in the participants sustaining an injury, sometimes an injury which is going to stop them going to work and earning a living. In most cases this is merely an unfortunate incident which took place in the normal run of sporting activity, but sometimes people are injured due to the negligence or dangerous actions of another party.

    If you’ve been injured playing sport and you feel that it wasn’t your fault and was more than merely an unfortunate accident, then contact a personal injury lawyer with the details of your case. The factors which may be considered to amount to negligence can include the following:

    • Poor training or supervision
    • Sub-standard equipment
    • A poorly maintained playing surface
    • The dangerous or malicious actions of another participant
    • Poor medical treatment

    Proving that neglect has taken place amidst the hurly burly of a sporting event can be difficult, so it’s vital to get statements from as many people as possible such as spectators, fellow participants and officials. Playing sport should be a pleasurable activity and if it results in you suffering pain and distress as well as being out of pocket then it’s only right that you should be able to seek compensation from those responsible. The compensation paid out will be calculated on the basis of the type and severity of your injury and any expenses you’ve incurred as a direct result. If you’re out of pocket due to travelling expenses, medical fees or having to take time off work to recover for your injuries then the amounts can be included in your compensation payment. Playing sport should be a pleasure and if it ends up causing pain through no fault of your own then you’ve every right to seek redress.

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