Can I make a claim for lost wages?

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    Can I make a claim for lost wages?

    If you suffer an injury at work, and the accident which caused this injury came about due to your employers’ negligence, then you have every right to make a claim for compensation. The law states that your employer has a duty to ensure that your place of work is as safe as it possibly can be, and that they’ve taken every possible step to ensure that this is the case. If they’ve failed in this responsibility, then the injury which you’ve suffered is their fault, and they should expect to have to compensate you.

    The process of making a claim for compensation should begin as soon as possible after the accident takes place, with a record of it being made in the official accident book. The next step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer and tell them exactly what has happened, at which point they will tell you if you have a strong case for compensation.

    If you do seek compensation then the aim, as set out by Lambeth NUT, is to be rewarded an amount of money sufficient to return your finances to the state they were in before the accident took place. This means that you will receive an amount based on the extent of your injury, and on top of this you will be compensated for any wages you have lost due to having to take time off work, and a calculation, utilising medical advice, of any loss of earnings you may suffer in the future.

    Ensuring that your case is as strong as possible is a complicated and difficult procedure best placed in the hands of seasoned professionals. By gathering all the information available and presenting it in as compelling a form as possible, an injury solicitor will make sure that you’re awarded the right amount of compensation and that you get to keep every penny.

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