Can I make a no win no fee accident at work claim?

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    Can I make a no win no fee accident at work claim?

    The ‘No Win No Fee’ system was set up in such a way as to open up the possibility of compensation to everyone, regardless of their financial situation at the time of the accident. In the past, taking legal action of this kind was an expensive gamble: if you won, then you’d have to pay a large chunk of your compensation in fees to your own solicitor, whereas if you were unlucky enough to lose, then you’d be faced with a large bill for the other sides’ legal costs. The No Win No Fee system, on the other hand, means that the only consideration you have to make is whether you are in fact eligible for compensation.

    Your employer has a legal obligation to ensure that the place in which you work is safe and will keep you free from harm whilst carrying out your duties. If they fail in this duty then they have been negligent, and if this negligence means that you have injured yourself or become unwell, then you may be in a position to claim compensation from them.

    Injury or illness will often impact negatively upon your ability to earn a living, both immediately following the incident and in the future. Bearing this in mind, the last thing you should be worrying about when considering making a claim is whether you can afford it. As stated in the governments’ own guide, you can make a claim for this compensation under a No Win No Fee arrangement.

    This means that your personal injury solicitor mounts your case for free. If you’re unlucky enough to lose, then the costs and fees of the other side will be covered by insurance. It’s a system which means that the only question you have to ask is whether you’re entitled to compensation, and if you are then No Win No Fee ensures that you get it.

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