Will I lose my job if I make a claim?

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    Will I lose my job if I make a claim?

    Many people hesitate when it comes to making a claim following an accident at work because they are fearful of the impact it may have on their day to day working life, but any personal injury solicitor will be able to offer reassurance, pointing out exactly what the legal ramifications of such a claim actually are.

    The law states that sacking somebody for asserting a statutory right will automatically count as unfair dismissal, something which would open your employer up to yet more legal action. If you’ve been injured or made ill at work and your employer can be shown to have acted in a negligent manner then you have every right to seek compensation without fear of facing any ramifications.

    An expert injury solicitor will bring together the details of your case including how, when and where the accident happened and medical statements as to its long term effects. These will then be used by the court to decide whether your employer is liable, and whether you are therefore due monetary compensation.

    Of course, no amount of cash can truly make up for the distress of being hurt at work, and the long term effect that this might have on your life, but compensation can perform a vital dual role. In the first place it will help to pay for goods or services you may require to live as full a life as possible, and on a deeper level it will start the process of putting your life back together by healing some of the psychological wounds caused by your employers’ lack of care.

    In the past, many people hesitated to take action against their employer for fear of reprisals. Fortunately, the law has now been framed to protect workers from this possibility, freeing them up to pursue the compensation they deserve.


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