Do I need to be the driver in order to make a claim?

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    Do I need to be the driver in order to make a claim?

    Anyone who’s been injured in a car accident may well be in a position to make a claim for compensation if they feel that the accident was caused by the negligence of another party. Indeed, the phrase ‘car accident’ itself covers a huge range of incidents, and the injuries involved might range from mild cuts and bruises, all the way up to serious scarring, the amputation of limbs, paralysis and even fatality.

    Most people asked to consider a car accident may well think it generally entails one car going into another, perhaps from behind at a junction, but in truth any of the following may result in a compensation claim:

    • A pedestrian being hit by a car
    • A motorcyclist colliding with another vehicle
    • A passenger in a car being injured during a collision
    • A driver of a car being injured following a collision with another car
    • A motorist being injured in an accident which has been caused by an obstacle or a poorly maintained road surface
    • A cyclist colliding with another vehicle

    Many people, feeling that they’ve been lucky to actually survive a car accident, might think that making a claim is somehow being ‘greedy’, a concept which is sometimes bolstered by misguided talk of a ‘compensation culture’. The truth, however, is that the physical and psychological scars of a car accident can have a far reaching and detrimental effect upon your life. On a basic level, you may be left out of pocket by the likes of travel expenses and medical bills whilst, in the long term, your earning power may be reduced. Above and beyond the simple monetary effect there is the distress caused by the injuries and the fact that they might greatly reduce the overall quality of your life.

    No matter what the circumstances, you’ve been made to suffer by the effects of another party’s negligence, and claiming the compensation you deserve will be a major step towards easing this suffering.

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