Shouldn’t I just leave things in the hands of my car insurance company?

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    Shouldn’t I just leave things in the hands of my car insurance company?

    Being involved in a car accident of any kind is a distressing and stressful event. Most people who’ve suffered in this way will be able to tell you that the problems can be psychological as well as physical, with injuries which are often regarded as ‘trivial’, such as whiplash, leading to depression, feelings of isolation and unpleasant flashbacks to the event itself. In many cases, the victims’ first instinct may well be to simply get on with their life and try not to think about the accident at all. To this end, many people might feel that it is best to simply leave things in the hands of their insurance company, and that launching a claim for compensation will be more worry and trouble than it’s worth.

    There are two problems with this attitude however. The first revolves around the issue of fairness. If you’ve been injured because someone else was acting in a negligent manner, then it’s only fair that your suffering should be kept to a minimum. On top of any immediate affects, you may also have to pay money out for things like travel expenses and medical treatment, as well as losing money due to time spent off work. It’s really not fair that you should have to shoulder this burden yourself, and the knowledge that the guilty party are doing their bit to help you put your life back together will help to restore your sense of fairness and natural justice.

    The second problem with taking the view that your insurance company can get on with handling things is that working with an experienced personal injuries lawyer will make things less, rather than more, difficult. They’ll take down every detail of your accident and advise as to whether you’re in a position to make a claim. If you are they’ll build the strongest possible case, working on a no win no fee basis and handling things such as paperwork and statements on your behalf.

    If you’ve been injured in a car crash then you’ve already suffered, and every step you can take to alleviate that suffering is surely sensible. A claim for compensation will ensure that you don’t undergo financial pain on top of everything else, whilst allowing you to plan for the rest of your life.

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