What is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

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    What is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

    For a detailed breakdown of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and the work it does, see the website https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/criminal-injuries-compensation-authority, which outlines the role they play and answers many of the questions people have when considering a claim for compensation.

    Put simply, however, CICA is a wing of the Ministry of Justice and its job is to administer the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in England, Scotland and Wales. The existence of CICA is an acknowledgement of the fact that people who have been injured as a result of a violent criminal act in which they played no part deserve some form of compensation in order to help them move on and enjoy the rest of their life.

    Unlike most other claims for personal injury compensation, which involve a negligent third party in the form of an individual or a body such as an employer, hospital, council etc., claims for criminal injury are based upon the actions of the perpetrator of the crime who may, in some cases, never even be identified. Even if a criminal is charged and convicted of the crime, it’s doubtful that they will have the wherewithal to fund a compensation payment and, of course, insurance for such an eventuality doesn’t exist.

    CICA, then, will consider the details of your case, determine if you’ve suffered injury following a crime, and what the extent of this injury is, and then make a payment based on these factors and other information such as expenses and loss of earnings.

    If you’ve been injured following a crime then speak to an experienced personal injuries lawyer and they will be able to offer advice – such as informing the police as quickly as possible – and a free and impartial judgement as to whether you are likely to receive any compensation. If they feel you are, then they’ll help to put together the strongest possible case.

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