What types of criminal injury can I claim compensation for?

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    What types of criminal injury can I claim compensation for?

    If you’ve been injured as the result of a criminal act perpetrated by another party then you may well be in a position to seek compensation. For the purposes of making a claim, the injury in question can be either physical or psychological. You may, for example, have been badly beaten up in an unprovoked attack, in which case the injuries will be physical and fairly obvious.

    Often, however, people witnessing a violent crime such as an armed robbery, for example, can find that it has a deeply debilitating psychological effect upon them. People who have witnessed acts of violence, or even the threat of violence, often find themselves suffering symptoms such as stress, depression, anxiety or panic attacks for months or even years after the initial event.

    If you’ve been injured through an act of criminal violence, and feel that this has had a long term detrimental effect upon your life then you may well be in a position to make a claim for compensation. The amount awarded will take into account any immediate expenses brought about as a direct result of the injury, as well as paying a sum based upon your suffering and distress and considering any loss of future earnings potential.

    The criteria for eligibility are laid out by the government at www.gov.uk/guidance/criminal-injuries-compensation-a-guide, where it also explains how the compensation scheme works and what action you should take to set a claim in motion. If you think you may be in a position to make a claim, then talking to a personal injury solicitor is a vital first step, as they will be able to explain precisely how the scheme works and what evidence you will need to provide. If you’re the innocent bystander caught up in a criminal act then you’ve already suffered, and claiming the compensation you deserve will be the first step towards making that suffering stop.

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