Can I claim for MRSA and infections picked up in hospital?

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    Can I claim for MRSA and infections picked up in hospital?

    MRSA is one of several infections that are difficult to treat. It is considered by many to be a hospital-acquired infection because most cases are picked up in hospital when people’s immune systems are already weakened. When you go into hospital, you expect to get better, not to become worse by acquiring an infection. Therefore, if you have contracted MRSA or another type of infection whilst in hospital, you may be able to claim damages.

    What are “superbugs”?

    MRSA – methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus – is a particularly nasty infection because it is resistant to many antibiotics. MRSA is a bacterium, which is fairly common and resides quite benignly in many people. However, when people visit hospital and their immune systems are low, MRSA can get into wounds or onto surgical instruments, which can result in a terrible illness. Because MRSA is resistant to most antibiotics, it can take a long time to clear up and leave patients with horrible scarring and injuries. Furthermore, MRSA is not the only antibiotic-resistant bacterium that people can pick up in hospital. Others include necrotizing fasciitis and clostridium difficile (C.Diff). Because of their resistance to antibiotics, these hospital-acquired infections are often called “superbugs.”

    Good practice

    One of the reasons these superbugs have become so prevalent in recent years is that hospitals are not as clean as they used to be. To prevent the spread of these infections, hospitals now have to implement strict procedures regarding cleanliness and contamination. Any patient discovered with MRSA or other infections has to be kept away from other patients. In addition to this, all hospital staff have to wear disposable gloves and follow strict hand washing guidelines between treating patients and all visitors to a ward have to wash their hands with anti-bacterial solution.

    Starting a superbug illness claim

    Despite these strict procedures, some people still contract these infections when in hospital. This usually means that there has been some deviation from the guidelines or negligence on behalf of the hospital, resulting in you becoming infected. Therefore, you may have the right to claim for damages if you have acquired MRSA or other infections whilst in hospital and should speak to an injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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