Can I make a needle stick injury claim against the NHS?

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    Can I make a needle stick injury claim against the NHS?

    Yes, you can make a needlestick injury claim against the NHS if you believe that the injury was caused by their negligence.

    The NHS has a duty of care to its employees and to patients. This means that they must take reasonable steps to protect you from harm. If they fail to do this and you’re injured as a result, they may be liable to pay you compensation.

    To make a successful needlestick injury claim against the NHS, you will need to prove that:

    • You were injured by a needlestick injury while working for the NHS, or a patient of the NHS
    • The injury was caused by the NHS’s negligence
    • You have suffered losses as a result of the injury

    To file a claim against the NHS, you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Contact NHS Resolution. NHS Resolution is an arm’s length body of the Department of Health and Social Care, an independent organisation that handles claims against the NHS. You can contact them by phone, email, or post.
    2. Provide NHS Resolution with information about your claim, such as the date of the injury, the circumstances of the injury, and the losses you have suffered.
    3. NHS Resolution will assess your claim and decide whether to investigate it further. If they decide to investigate your claim, they will contact you to gather more information.
    4. If NHS Resolution finds that your claim is valid, they will try to negotiate a settlement with you. If they are unable to reach a settlement, your case may go to court.

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