I was given the wrong medication, can I make a claim?

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    I was given the wrong medication, can I make a claim?

    Ask the average person to come up with a description of a case of medical negligence, and the chances are that they’ll start imagining scenarios such as the wrong limb being amputated or a serious illness such as cancer being missed until it’s too late to treat successfully. Whilst there are some cases which are as dramatic and severe as these, the truth is that any negligence on the part of the staff providing your medical treatment can be deeply distressing.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re attending an NHS hospital for a complex operation, or visiting a dental clinic for an extraction, you have every right to expect that the treatment you receive will be of the highest possible standard. The vast majority of the time this will be the case – medical staff are generally highly dedicated and do their best to ensure that you receive the finest treatment.

    Sometimes, however, things can go wrong and it doesn’t matter if it’s the overall system being applied or the actions of an individual which are at fault, you’ve been the victim of neglect and have every right to pursue compensation for your suffering. A successful claim for compensation consists of following the NHS complaints procedure, and being able to demonstrate that the treatment you received slipped below the acceptable standard and that this resulted in harm to yourself. Building a complex medical case can be a long and difficult project and that’s why it’s best to take advantage of the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Expert medical evidence may be required to demonstrate a genuine link between your treatment and your condition, and taking on a large organisation such as the NHS can seem daunting.

    One of the mistakes which people often experience is being given the wrong medication. The bureaucracy involved in health treatment can result in wires becoming crossed, mistakes being made and the unfortunate patient being given medication which won’t treat their illness or, worse, will create more problems. If you’re allergic to penicillin for example, but have it prescribed, or are given the wrong dose of Insulin, then it can cause serious problems. If you feel this has happened to you then contact an expert solicitor and start the process of claiming for the compensation you deserve.

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