What amount of compensation can I expect to receive if my claim is successful?

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    What amount of compensation can I expect to receive if my claim is successful?

    In any claim for personal injury compensation, the question of how much money is likely to be received in the event of the case being won is one which can be rather difficult to answer. An expert personal injury solicitor with experience of mounting similar claims in the past will, however, be able to give you an estimate based upon the precise factors of your individual case.

    Where medical negligence is concerned, mounting a successful case consists of demonstrating that the treatment you received fell short of what might reasonably be expected and that this shortfall resulted in an injury to the claimant. In some cases you may in fact be claiming on behalf of someone else such as a child or person who has been left incapacitated by the negligence concerned. In the worst cases, of course, the negligence might even have resulted in death, in which case it is the family left behind who will be seeking compensation.

    If the court decides that you were in fact a victim of negligence they will then set the level of compensation you can receive. The website www.scope.org.uk, an organisation which works with and campaigns for disabled people, lays out the criteria which will be used when calculating compensation.

    The amount of money should be enough to cover all expenses – such as medical bills, specialist care and equipment transport costs and so on – as well as compensating for any earnings lost at the time of the injury and in the future. In order to receive a fair payment it’s vital to keep all receipts relating to expenses incurred through the injury and make careful note of any changes in your working or social life. Other factors which the court will bear in mind will be the type and severity of the injury itself, the on-going effect it is going to have and any pain and suffering on the part of the victim.


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