What happens if I lose?

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    What happens if I lose?

    No win, no fee personal injury solicitors rarely take on a case if they don’t think they will be successful. After all, under the no win, no fee agreement, if a claim for personal injury compensation fails, a solicitor doesn’t get paid. However, occasionally a claim for compensation does fail and in these circumstances, it is important you understand what happens.

    No legal costs for your solicitor

    If your claim turns out to be unsuccessful, your solicitor won’t charge you any legal fees. No win, no fee means just that. If you lose, your solicitor will waiver any fees and costs. Most of the time, an experienced personal injury solicitor will know if a case is going to be unsuccessful and may advise you to withdraw your claim. However, occasionally things don’t always go as expected and some cases are unsuccessful.

    No compensation

    If you lose your case for personal injury, you obviously won’t get any compensation no matter how badly you were injured. If a case is lost, it is because the person you are claiming compensation from has been found not liable for the accident or your injuries. This means that they don’t have to pay you any damages. Furthermore, any expenses and costs you have accrued because of the accident or subsequent legal action won’t be repaid. In addition, your solicitor won’t be able to claim his or her fee from the opposing side.

    Court costs

    If you lose a no win, no fee claim, you won’t have to pay your solicitor anything. However, the opposing side does have the right to claim all their legal expenses and court costs from you. This means that if your claim for compensation is unsuccessful, not only will you not get any money but you could also be landed with an expensive legal bill. However, this is rare as if your injury solicitor doubts a case will be successful, they will advise you to take out “After Event” insurance, which will cover you for any legal costs.

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