What happens if I win?

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    What happens if I win?

    The majority of personal injury claims made through no win, no fee solicitors are successful. This is because most expert solicitors know they won’t get paid if they lose, and consequently won’t take cases that they don’t think have a good prospect of winning. In fact, most cases are settled without the need for the claimant to actually go to court. Even if court action is necessary, most personal injury claims through a no win, no fee solicitor result in a successful outcome.

    Get compensation for your injuries

    If you win a personal injury case, the first thing that happens is that you are awarded compensation. Compensation is split into two parts. There are damages paid to you by the opposing side for any pain, suffering and effects that the injury has had on your life. The second part of the compensation is paid for any costs or expenses that have accrued because of you injury. These can be things such as medical expenses, travel costs or loss of earnings. Most personal injury claims result in payments exceeding several thousand pounds.

    Will I pay any solicitor fees?

    Even though you have used a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor, if you win your case you may have to pay part of your compensation to your solicitor. This is because of a change in the law in April 2013 which stopped solicitors claiming their ‘success fee’ from the losing party. Some court costs, expenses and solicitors fees are paid for by the losing side, meaning that the maximum you will have to pay out of your compensation is 25%.

    Peace of mind

    Making a claim for personal injury isn’t just about the money. Many accidents that result in injury can be avoided, and by taking legal action and making a claim for compensation, it makes it likely that those responsible will take action to prevent such an accident from happening again. Therefore, if your case is successful, you can have the peace of mind that other people won’t have to go through the same pain and suffering that you endured.


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