Is there a time limit to make a claim following a traffic accident?

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    Is there a time limit to make a claim following a traffic accident?

    In the immediate aftermath of a road traffic accident, you may feel too shocked, stressed and anxious to even think about launching a claim for compensation. This is understandable, since a violent occasion like a car crash can be deeply upsetting. It’s important, however, if you’re going to receive the compensation necessary to carry on with the rest of your life, that you start to think about putting a claim together at the earliest possible opportunity.

    As pointed out by the Citizens Advice Bureau, there are strict legal limits to the length of time which is allowed to pass before making a claim for personal injury compensation. Speaking broadly, a claim has to be launched no later than three years after you became aware of the injury caused by the accident. This doesn’t necessarily mean three years after the accident, since some conditions take a while to become apparent, and the court may make an exception in specific circumstances, but, as a rule of thumb, thirty-six months is the time period to bear in mind.

    Over and above this, however, is the fact that your claim is much more likely to be successful if you contact an injury lawyer at the earliest possibility. The more information you can provide regarding the precise circumstances of your accident, the details of any witnesses and so on, the stronger the case they will be able to build. Some cases of this kind are contested, so it’s vital to get your side of events down whilst it’s still fresh in your mind. Your no win no fee solicitor will use this information, and the details of any expenses you’ve incurred, to build a case demonstrating that the accident wasn’t your fault, and that you suffered injuries as a result.

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