Who is responsible for my injuries if I fell in a public place?

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    Who is responsible for my injuries if I fell in a public place?

    Slipping, tripping and falling are sometimes looked upon as fairly trivial incidents of little import and, if you’re lucky, then tripping and falling might bruise nothing other than your ego. Sometimes, however, especially if you land awkwardly, a fall can result in broken bones, painful sprains or even more serious injuries. If you’ve fallen and hurt yourself in this manner then it can have drastic consequences, impacting upon your quality of life and effecting things such as future earnings potential.

    If the fall was your own fault, because you weren’t watching where you were going, for example, then there’s very little that you can do about it, but if you slipped and fell because of factors brought about by the negligence of another party then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. This negligence may take the form of a badly worn floor, a cracked or damaged pavement, spillages of oil or water left in place or anything else which means the surface is not of the standard which might be reasonably expected. If this takes place in a public space then the responsibility for your injuries lies with whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the floor.

    If you trip in a library, supermarket, train station or other such buildings then the responsibility lies with the owners and managers of the building. If, on the other hand, you trip when walking along a pavement or across a public space such as a piazza, then the responsibility lies with the relevant local authority. A successful compensation claim consists of demonstrating that you fell due to another party’s negligence, and that the fall resulted in injury to your person. A personal injury solicitor will take down the details of your case and help to put together the strongest possible claim.

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