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Car Accident Compensation

The most serious car accidents can cause major injury and, at the very worst, death. Even an accident which might be considered 'minor', however, such as a low speed rear end shunt or a small bump can have a major effect on those involved, whether through physical injury or psychological impact. The fact that we all use cars and travel by road almost every day means that a car accident of any kind is likely to have a major and detrimental impact on the lives of all those involved.

Injuries caused by car accidents

The injuries suffered as a result of a car accident can vary widely in type and severity. You may be lucky enough to escape with only minor cuts or perhaps some superficial bruising, but it's also possible that a car accident could cause serious, long term debilitating injuries. These could include permanent disabilities, disfigurement or the amputation of badly damaged limbs. Even the most common car crash related injury, whiplash, whilst often thought of as being relatively trivial, can, in fact, go on to cause long term pain and suffering.

Get compensation for your car crash injuries

If you have been involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault then you may be fully entitled to make a compensation claim. Whilst no amount of money can fully make up for the shock and distress brought about by a car accident, it can help in the short term on a purely practical basis, and can also feel like the first step towards long term recovery. It doesn't matter if the accident was caused by another driver, a pedestrian or negligence based issues such as a poor road surface or faulty traffic signals, if another party was to blame then you could be in the position to pursue a personal injury case on a no win no fee basis.

An accident claim isn't dependent on the severity of your injuries. They don't have to be clearly major or life threatening in order for your claim to be valid. Even a minor injury can lead to time off work and a loss of earnings, and other expenses may include the cost of prescriptions, medical care and travel and transport requirements.

Luckily, the matter of compensation isn't dependent upon the circumstances of the party responsible for the accident. If the person who is at fault flees the scene of the accident, or if it is discovered that they didn't have insurance, then your injury solicitor will still be able to make a claim from the Motor Insurers' Bureau, who cover compensation claims in cases such as these. is a trading name of Colour Ventures Ltd, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities. Registration is recorded on the website