Isn’t a trip only a minor accident?

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    Isn’t a trip only a minor accident?

    Over recent years the concept of claiming compensation has developed something of a stigma. In part this is due to the ‘hard sell’ approach of some of the more disreputable companies working in the field, a minority whose activities tend to discredit the rest. On top of this there is the media representation of a ‘compensation culture’, something which is not actually backed up by the facts and figures but which has nevertheless become a widespread misconception.

    In truth, the no win no fee system of compensation has made it possible for people from all walks of life to seek redress when they’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence. The removal of the risk of ending up out of pocket means that the only consideration when deciding whether to start a claim is the fairness of the situation.

    One of the types of accident often held up for ridicule is that of a slip, trip or fall. People imagine that falling over on a wet restaurant floor or uneven pavement is a minor matter, causing trivial injuries and that anyone making a claim in such circumstances is merely trying to cash in. The truth, however, is often far more serious.

    If you slip and fall onto a hard surface the jarring impact alone could be enough to cause whiplash or to actually break some bones. If you’re particularly unlucky and hit your head when you fall then the ramifications could be even more serious. The pain and distress of your injuries could last for many weeks or months and could, in their own right, cause depression and anxiety. On top of this, there’s the fact that you may have to pay out for medication or travel expenses, besides losing money if you need to take time off work. All of these factors will be taken into consideration if you make a claim for compensation and any money you receive will help you to put your life back together.

    An expert injury solicitor will build the strongest possible case and will work with you to ensure that you’re treated fairly and paid the right amount. Someone else made a mistake and you suffered as a result. Compensation will ease that suffering by making sure that it’s not you who pays the whole price.

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