Will I be able to claim if I slipped on snow?

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    Will I be able to claim if I slipped on snow?

    We’ve had some nasty winters in the UK in recent years, so much so we are starting to get used to the sight of snow. However, as excited as some of us get when it comes to seeing those big thick flakes tumbling out of the sky, they can also present a real hazard.

    Most of us have slipped or fallen on ice or snow at some point in our lives. Sometimes we do so without causing ourselves an injury, but A&E departments see plenty of people with sprains and broken bones as a result of accidents that occur while walking in the snow. The question is this: would you have a case to make a claim for compensation in this situation?

    Does the location of my fall matter?

    In reality it depends on where you fell. If you fall on your own property then clearly you will not have a case. The person who owns the land or is responsible for it, is the person who may have a case to answer. This applies to public areas such as roads, pavements and paths, as well as to private land and work premises.

    In what situation will I be able to claim?

    It is important to note that the presence of snow is not enough to make a successful claim. For example, you may arrive at work at a time when no snow or ice was present. If a sudden snowstorm then arrived and you had to go out ten minutes later to walk to another building and fell over, a claim for injuries caused may not succeed. However, if it had snowed the night before and your employer did nothing to clear the paths of snow on their premises before your fall, you may have a case to bring for compensation.

    Should I seek out legal advice about my fall?

    Clearly it is wise to make sure you have all the relevant details and to consult an experienced solicitor to find out whether you can make a claim in this instance. The solicitor will assess your case to ascertain whether a claim for compensation could result in a successful outcome. They will have the experience to follow your case through to its ideal conclusion.

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