Isn’t whiplash too minor to be worth claiming about?

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    Isn’t whiplash too minor to be worth claiming about?

    There’s a common misconception that whiplash is a trivial complaint which the average person can be expected to put up with. All too often it’s seen as being the focus of bogus compensation claims when people exaggerate their injuries, strap on a collar and try to cash in. This may occasionally have happened but, leaving aside media stereotypes, the vast majority of compensation claims are actually made by legitimate injury lawyers on behalf of honest individuals who’ve been let down.

    To be specific about whiplash, it’s a generic term for a wide range of injuries which affect the soft tissue of the neck, shoulders and back. It’s usually caused by a violent movement to the head, such as that brought about by sudden deceleration in a car, as takes place during a collision from behind. It can also happen following a fall, however, an accident on a fairground ride or a sporting mishap. In simple terms, any violent impact can result in a case of whiplash.

    One of the key factors to be borne in mind when considering whiplash is that it may not become apparent in the immediate aftermath of the accident which caused it. It can sometimes take hours or even days for the symptoms to emerge, but as soon as they do it’s imperative that you seek medical attention. Not only will this mean that you get the treatment you require, but it will also create an official record of your injury to be included when putting your case together.

    At its worst, whiplash can cause many months or even years of pain and distress, and can have a detrimental effect upon your ability to earn a living or pursue your social life. Claiming compensation won’t entirely make up for this, of course, but it will reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses and for lost earnings, as well as paying an amount in recognition of your pain and distress.

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