What kind of accidents cause whiplash?

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    What kind of accidents cause whiplash?

    Whiplash’ is an umbrella term for a wide range of symptoms which arise when the soft tissue of the neck, shoulders and back have been damaged. The condition usually arises when the head has been jerked quickly backwards and forwards with speed and force and the symptoms are extremely wide ranging. One of the most notable aspects of whiplash is the fact that these symptoms might not actually manifest themselves until some time after the accident itself. When they do make themselves known, however, it’s vital that you should get the attention of a doctor as soon as possible. Medical treatment will begin to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with whiplash and any records kept will help to play a part in putting together a claim for compensation.

    Making a compensation claim for whiplash involves demonstrating that you’re actually suffering from the symptoms in question and also that the accident which caused the whiplash was the result of another party’s negligence. The symptoms to look out for include headaches, a stiff, aching neck and numb or painful arms, whilst more serious cases might also cause bouts of dizziness, depression and persistent head pain.

    In the majority of cases, whiplash develops after a person has been involved in a car accident which featured a sudden deceleration or violent impact, such as a shunt from behind or even a relatively low speed collision. Anything which moves the head and neck back and forth violently can bring about the same symptoms, however, and this means that there are a variety of scenarios which can lead to whiplash, such as a malfunctioning fairground ride which hurls the occupants around, or a slip to the floor which ends with a violent, jarring impact.

    In some senses the details of the individual accident are fairly incidental, since it’s the pain and distress which you’re seeking compensation for, as well as claiming an amount which will cover out of pocket expenses and lost earnings. With the help of an expert whiplash lawyer you’ll be able to build a case which will hopefully earn you the compensation you deserve.

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